POiD Building Awards

POiD Building Awards 2021 is a competition made especially for polish building joinery manufacturers.

Main goal of the competition is to highlight unique and innovative building joinery products used in modern architectural realisations from around the world. Show the world how products manufactured by Your company have been used in completed buildings and build the prestige of polish building joinery together with us! You can submit your products in 5 product oriented categories.

We have created new opportunities of communication about innovative building joinery products and their installation dedicated to various architectural solutions. Together with You we will create a unique place of presentation for premium building joinery and its automation systems.

POiD logo

Polskie Okna i Drzwi (Polish Windows and Doors) Association

For a quarter of a century it has been a reliable representative and a kind of "voice" of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of building joinery products operating in the industry.

Currently, the POiD Association is bringing together over 100 entities, among which are companies with different profiles of activity, including manufacturers of windows, doors, gates, double glazing glass, window systems, gaskets and construction chemicals. It is a prestigious group of entities that are connected by professionalism and reliability as common goals. Thanks to the involvement of the Association, companies which often compete with each other on a daily basis, can cooperate in the implementation of projects which are important for the entire industry.

The POiD Association sets new directions of development for the sector it represents, focuses on modern solutions, integrates the environment and provides its members with reliable information, promotion and support.





Participants of the competition may be companies that manufacture building joinery products or building automation systems. The company must operate in Poland and have their products used in an architectural realization commissioned between 2018 and 2020.



Submissions of products used in an architectural realisation may be undertaken by employees of a company that manufactures building joinery products or building automation systems. The number of submissions is unlimited.


Submission fee

  • For companies not associated in POiD the registration fee is 700 PLN for the first submitted Realisation and 350 PLN for each subsequent one.
  • For POiD association members the submission fee is 500 PLN for the first registered Realisation and 250 PLN for each next registered Realisation. The second part of the POiD membership fee for 2020 can be used to pay the entry fee.


  • Deadline for submission of projects - February 1st to May 7th, 2021.
  • Final and announcement of winners - 15th of June, 2021.


At the submission stage, contestants are required to select the correct product category and subcategory defining the building type.

  • Windows and balcony doors

    Windows and balcony doors − building elements (movable or fixed) for closing openings in a wall or sloping roof that allow light to enter the interior and can provide ventilation; they consist of a frame and one or more glazed sashes (fixed or movable), or only a glazed frame.

    • Single-family houses
    • Multi-family houses
    • Public buildings
    • Renovations
  • External doors and gates

    External doors and gates − construction elements for closing openings in a wall that allow pedestrians to access or pass through, and which, when closed, may allow light to enter the interior; they separate the exterior of the building from its interior.

    • Single-family houses
    • Multi-family houses
    • Public buildings
    • Renovations
  • Internal doors

    Internal doors − a construction element for closing an opening in a wall that allows pedestrians to access or pass through and which, when closed, may allow light enter the interior. Designed for indoor use.

    • Single-family houses
    • Multi-family houses
    • Public buildings
    • Renovations
  • Building automation and Smart Home

    Building automation and Smart Home − a set of techniques and systems that provide automation of various objects in buildings. Using these systems, various building services and facilities can be combined and managed remotely or automatically, even from outside the building.

    • Single-family houses
    • Multi-family houses
    • Public buildings
    • Renovations
  • Facade systems

    Facade systems − the facade of the building with no load-bearing function and being only a thermal and functional barrier. Such a wall is attached to ceilings, transverse walls or structural columns, and carries only its own weight and wind pressure, without taking part in the load dissipation from the main part of the structure.

    • Public buildings



Main awards

The Grand Prize award recognizes the company for the best use of building joinery products in an architectural realisation. The Grand Prix of each category will be selected from the winners of the subcategories by a jury vote. Grand Prix winners will also receive a substantial package of media benefits and the opportunity to use a dedicated Grand Prix winner's logo.


Grand Prix

Windows and balcony doors


Grand Prix

External doors and gates


Grand Prix

Internal doors


Grand Prix

Building automation and Smart Home


Grand Prix

Facade Systems

Patrons of the competition

  • logo

    Aluprof SA is part of Grupa Kęty SA Capital Group. The company is a leading producer of aluminium systems in Europe, with branches in many European countries and, also, in the US. With over 60 years of experience and annual sales revenues exceeding 385 M EUR, Aluprof SA has over 1,300 regular clients. Exports account for 40% of total sales. The company employs more than 2,300 employees.

    Aluprof SA sells its solutions to most European countries and to the USA. The company has representative offices and distribution centres across Europe: in Germany, Great Britain, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and also in the USA.

    Of particular note is the state-of-the-art logistics centre in Hungary, which holds a warehouse occupying 2,900 m2 and fitted with eight high storage warehouse racks.

  • logo

    FAKRO is a private company established in Poland in 1991. The company is the most dynamic and fastest growing roof window manufacturer in the world. In the 30 years from a small family company, FAKRO has developed into an international corporation achieving the position of vice-leader in the global market of roof windows.

    We aim to supply the highest quality products to satisfy the requirements of our customers all over the world. So, we place the highest priority on health and safety, security and the environmental impact of our products. Ryszard Florek is co-founder and the current president of FAKRO and is acknowledged for launching the production of roof windows in Poland.

    • FAKRO is a global player in the manufacture of roof windows
    • Leader in many countries and number two worldwide in the roof window market
    • One of the leading companies in the world with approximately 15% share of the global market
    • Over 4000 employees
    • 11 manufacturing companies all over the world
    • 17 FAKRO distribution companies
    • An extended distribution network in over 50 countries where there is a demand for roof windows
    • Got modern research and development centre (over 100 constructors)
    • Creator of many patented and several patent pending solutions

    The company invests heavily in the continued development of their product rang:

    • wooden and aluminium-clad plastic windows of different designs and opening methods
    • flat roof windows
    • flashings
    • automatic control
    • access roof lights
    • light tunnels
    • smoke ventilation
    • accessories for roof windows: Venetian blinds, pleated blinds, internal and external roller shutters, external awning blinds
    • installation accessories
    • roofing membranes and underlays

    Having launched their loft ladders range several years ago the product now holds second place in the international market.

  • logo

    Glassolutions is part of the global Saint-Gobain Group. Thanks to many years of experience, it is a leading supplier of the highest quality solutions and modern glass products for architecture and construction - windows and doors sector. Glassolutions combines tradition and proven solutions with the latest technology, focusing on the key factors: expertise, reliability and innovation.

    GLASSOLUTIONS products are developed based on the research of Saint-Gobain's development centers and the work of teams in six production plants in Poland.

    The activities focus on providing customers with added value through access to innovative products, valuable service and active promotion of solutions among end customers and architects.

    Our mission is to provide comfort, safety and well-being in every building, while respecting the natural environment. The Saint-Gobain Group's overarching goal is "Making the world a better home". That's why every day we want to take action to make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place to live.

  • Aluprof logo

    Ponzio company is a manufacturer of aluminum systems that are used in the construction of windows, doors, walls, facades, winter gardens, sun visors, as well as specialized solutions of various types, including fire resistant constructions. The innovative system solutions used in various buildings, meet the stringent requirements for energy efficiency, comfort and safety.

    Systems produced by Ponzio hold the necessary approvals for use in construction. The painting and anodizing lines of Ponzio Group are among the largest in Europe. They hold a Qualicoat quality certificate in the field of powder coating and Qualanod in the field of profiles anodization. They are also environmentally friendly.

    Ponzio Group exports its products to dozens of countries located on different continents. Buildings designed and constructed using Ponzio systems can be seen in many countries around the world where they create an image of modern architecture.

    The sum of the experience gained during 80 years of tradition on global markets and 25 years of activity on the Polish market, locate Ponzio Group among the largest suppliers of aluminum systems in the world.

    We cooperate with architects, manufacturers, and we offer help to individual investors and general contractors. Our highly qualified staff is at your disposal at every stage of cooperation. Starting from the project – giving serving with technical support, assistance in the realization of a facility, and ending with the delivery on time, for which our modern logistics center is responsible.

    The potential of our company will for sure allow you to joint us and accomplish lots of interesting and the most complex projects.

  • Aluprof logo

    Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European specjalist in the development and marketing of innovative and Sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doodrs, curtain walls, Sliding systems, sun screening and conservatories. Driven by Energy- efficiency and the willingnes to take responsibility for the environment.

    Besides a wide range of standard solutions, we also develop tailor-made quality systems all meet the most stringent demands in terms of comfort, securyty, architektural design, and Energy efficiency. Reynaers Aluminium in not only a supplier, but also a valuable partner – for architects, fabricators, swolar installer, project developers, investors end users.

    Reynaers Aluminium is founded in 1965 and is part of the group. Reynaers, currently emplaing over 2322 workers in more than 40 countries worldwide and exporting to more than 70\ countries on 5 continents.

    The company, with its headqarters in Duffel, Belgium archived on annual turnover of 580 milion euros in 2019.

Partners of the categories

  • logo

    Partner of Internal doors category


    Porta Doors is a brand of Porta KMI Poland SA, one of the largest door producers in Europe. Jacek Sarnowski has been managing the company for nearly 30 years. Approximately 2,000 employees work in five production sites - four in Poland and one in Romania.

    The latest investments which have been co-financed by the EU include:- LogPORTA, the most modern distribution centre in the industry in Poland, in Nidzica, the unique TechnoPORTA production line in Bolszewo, and the PortaFRAME project in Ełk.

    This will allow Porta to strengthen its position of market leader, therefore winning new customers in the Polish market as well as the valued export market.

  • logo

    Partner of Building automation and Smart Home category


    SOMFY is a world leader in home automation and a key provider of smart home control solutions for residential and commercial buildings. For years Somfy has been developing products that bring homes to the Internet of Things level. It connects various devices with one system, transforming homes around the world into comfortable and safe smart homes. Somfy's high quality of products is valued by 220 million users. The company was founded in 1969 in Cluses, France. Its international scope of activity includes nearly 120 branches all over the world, with over 6000 employees.

    The company has been operating in Poland since 1996. In 2014, Somfy's SOPEM factory was established in Niepołomice.

    Currently, in addition to the production unit and Research and Development Department, there is an Eastern European Distribution Platform operating in Niepołomice, which delivers products to customers from all over Central and Eastern Europe.

  • logo

    Partner of External doors and gates category


    WIŚNIOWSKI is one of the most dynamically developing brands in the building sector. As a leading manufacturer of garage doors, gates, doors, and fences, we believe in delivering products of the highest quality featuring the most innovative technological solutions.

    When founding his company 30 years ago, Andrzej Wiśniowski decided to lend his own last name to the brand. This was a fundamental decision from the perspective of the brand's history. The company's name is the expression of its invariable DNA which has always put people first – starting from employees, through business partners, all the way to customers. The owner's name placed on each product symbolizes that.

    During the design and manufacturing process, WIŚNIOWSKI aims above all to provide maximum satisfaction to the consumers. Great technical parameters are just as crucial as the user's subjective feeling of comfort when using WIŚNIOWSKI's garage doors, gates, windows, doors, and gates.

    30 years of market experience guarantee product reliability and the company's responsibility throughout the product's life cycle.

    Products with the WIŚNIOWSKI logo

    WIŚNIOWSKI manufactures garage doors, gates, doors, and fences which meet the highest standards, while maintaining top functionality and visual appeal for years. Their modern style inspires customers looking for outstanding durability and elegance. Perfectly designed and manufactured, the products perform well in all kinds of conditions to ensure warmth, comfort of use, and safety.

    The WIŚNIOWSKI range includes: garage doors – sectional, roller, up and over, and double-leaf; windows; doors – external aluminium, technical, steel, and fire-rated; residential fences; industrial doors – sectional, roller, and overhead sliding; industrial fences – double- and single-leaf industrial gates, folding gates, and mesh panels.

  • logo

    Aluplast sp. z o.o. is the biggest supplier of PVC-U window profiles systems in the polish market. Currently over 200 certified window manufacturers produce PVC-U windows and doors based on the aluplast systems.

    One of the cornerstones of the company's philosophy is innovation, reflecting in the integration of product lines into systems and their constant development, allowing for their constant expansion and making it possible to offer a solution best suited to the needs of the market. Thus, developing the systems, aluplast is constantly setting the new standards. Technological superiority is the basis for the aluplast product strategy. Technological leadership is closely associated with the continuous focus on the customers and their needs, which is often a stimulus to improve our products.

    It is the richness of the offer and its innovative character that are the main reason for the aluplast's leading position in Poland.

    Practically every year, the new solutions are launched into the market, allowing the cooperating window manufacturers to be more competitive. This has been proven true by the results of the multiple research carried out for several years now by the Center for Industry Research (Centrum Analiz Branzowych) among the window manufacturers and regarding their opinion on suppliers of PVC profiles.Aluplast has been there evaluated and highly recognised in the aspects of: the widest offer, the offer with the best price-quality ratio and rated as the most innovative company.

    For many years, aluplast business activity and its product offer have found the recognition of both professionals as well as customers, evidenced by a number of prestigious awards including: Poznan International Fair Gold Medal, Building Brand of the Year, Hercule of Construction Industry, TopBuilder etc. The company is also a founding member of the Union of Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors POLISH WINDOWS AND DOORS.

Honorary patronage